Friday, June 21, 2013

New inspiration in creating handmade indie art jewelry, by Jomama

 Today is the first day of summer and I know I should be thinking about fun in the sun, but all I can think about is jewelry...

 I just got back from my second year at the Bead+ Button show in Milwaukee and boy am I pumped! I'm amazed at all of the great education available here every year and that young artists don't take advantage.

 I started on Tuesday morning with a class on tool making with Joe Silvera and it's already come in handy at home. I've ground down and repolished some old marked and rusted hammers.

Later that evening I was off to make spinner rings with Robyn Cornelius. I've been soldering for a few years now but Robyn still managed to teach me a few little tricks. 

 The next day was spent with Mary Hettmansperger <3. Boy is she fun! We wove to our hearts content looping wire around wooden beads and found objects. Techniques I will definitely continue to use to capture my wonderful found objects.

After dinner I headed over to meet Alison Lee from CraftCast for a night of Patina playtime. Good stuff here, and since I'm a huge fan of patinas, it was an evening well spent.

Morning followed and I awoke to the excitement of the day I was about to spend Making an impression with Richard Salley. Wow, who knew molten solder could be so cool? Well it was, and will continue to be for me. 

Amongst all of the fun, I got to see some old friends; Susan Lenart Kazmer and Kim St Jean and also made a few new ones too; Jen Cushman from Ice Resin and Patti Bullard, owner of Wubbers

Meanwhile, back at my workbench, my creative juices have been flowing like crazy. I've listed some new pieces on my website and will continue to add more exciting new pieces in the coming weeks. Hope your summer is a great as mine is going to be!

Happy summer! 
Peace, Jomama