Monday, October 13, 2014

I can make that

I’ve heard it before. You’ve said it before. Even I’ve said if before. “I can make that”. So you go home, you gather supplies, thoughts, time. You jump in. Working feverishly, you paint, form, mold, move, cut, file, manipulate. Why doesn’t it look like the one I saw? It can be insulting to say this out loud. Truth is, you can’t “make that”. It was in fact the artist’s vision that you were drawn to; their style. It was their use of color, texture, juxtaposition or the materials. However it did inspire you, it got you motivated. In the end, that’s a win win. Keep on creating, it will become your own! Peace, Jomama

Friday, July 4, 2014

On the 4th of July, you can't help but feel pride in America and things made here. Personally, I think it's extremely important for the future of our country. As I work and search for new materials, I always keep this in mind. How rewarding to know you're part of the solution to our struggling economy. Since I don't leave the country often, the found objects I work with are definitely made in the USA! The concrete I use and the handspun yarn I buy on Etsy are also made in the USA. Even ICE Resin is American made =) It's really pretty easy. Sure you might pay a little more, but as an American, isn't it worth it? I think so. Have a safe and happy 4th of July! Peace Jomama

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day every day

Today is Earth Day. In my world it’s Earth Day every day. I preserve, protect and cherish her. She is my God. She breathes life. Her breath is our breath as well. Without her, we cease to exist. So honor her, thank her; and most of all, respect her. Happy Earth Day! Peace, Jomama

Friday, April 18, 2014

Talisman project with Ice Resin®

When I agreed to participate in the Ice Resin® Talisman project I had to pick a word. Any word. My thoughts are, of ALL of the possible words, which one shall I use? The talisman word I chose is… nur·ture [Nourrir in French] noun \ˈnər-chər\: the care and attention given to someone or something that is growing or developing. I've never thought of myself as a nurturing person. I don't coddle or baby, I'm too busy for that. I'm independent and motivated, and I love to do my own thing. But then, it hit me! I do nurture. I nurture my soul, while creating, I nurture the earth when I garden, and also when I recycle; I have the utmost respect for her. I've realized I nurture nature. I'm beginning to notice something here; I AM a nurturer! So you may not think of yourself this way either, but in some way, you probably are. Somewhere deep within. So, whatever aspect of your life it is that needs you, nurture it!
Here I used copper wire, a hobnail bezel, Ice Resin®, Iced enamels, a bottle cap, quail egg and a wishbone...
Nourrir, Jomama stylishly saving the planet, one design at a time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring trends 2014

Spring is here! You know what that means? Spring trends. Now I'm not trendy, never have been, but who doesn't like a few new pieces in their wardrobe? So I like to keep an eye out. First up Pantone radiant orchid. Not sure how I feel about this one, reminds me a little of Barney the dinosaur.
Heels and socks; Ok, I've been doing this for years and people thought I was crazy :)
Tribal touches; I'm on board. Let's just not go overboard with this please.
Flowing pants; Now this I can dig! Soft, feminine, and no muffin top!
Bottom line here, take what you like from the latest releases and put your own twist on it. Create your own style. Be you; don't buy an outfit off the mannequin! Happy spring! Peace, Jomama

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Living a creative life

The other day I was listening to TED talks about creativity. One of the speakers said that everyone copies someone. It's called inspiration. Then, when you're ready, your own ideas take off. There is definitely truth to this. Think about how many times you've seen something and made it. Then, you asked yourself, what if... What if I add this? What if I change that? And so, the creative process moves forward. The thing about creativity is that it comes and goes. The important thing is to surround yourself with creative people and things. When you hit a block, don't be afraid to push that project aside and then come back to it, even if months have passed. It's like taking a vacation from it and you'll see it in a new light! Peace and creativity, Jomama
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

AMAZING molding putty: For the love of..

This necklace was made using Amazing molding putty, concrete, pewter, resin, birch bark, leather, wire and rivets. After making the mold with Amazing molding putty, I poured concrete into part of the mold and allowed it to cure. Next I poured molten pewter over top to fill mold. Then I attached it to the red leather heart and brown leather with rivets. It's finished with a crochet wire chain. For the love of...NATURE!